J French Consultants Limited employs staff who specialise in research and the development of bespoke data management systems. Current projects include the development and administration of database services used nationwide by Enforcers and other Local Authority Regulatory Services.

The Team has a proven track record in working with and tailoring data systems to meet the needs of customers.

J French Consultants Limited has a team of staff who are also adept at carrying out various forms of research work and has expertise covering a wide range of web and software technologies. We have carried out work for large legal firms in the UK and Brand Holders in the UK and Europe.

Please get in touch to let us know your requirements and we will find a service to best meet your needs.

French Solutions Limited are able to provide excellent Brand Protection services encompassing investigations, physical evidence gathering, software development, providing tools and expertise which enable your company to grow with security.

Our teams have a combined expertise of over 50 years expertise in Intellectual Property and in secure investigative computerised systems. This experience spans Government as well as the private sector and carries within it a breadth of technical and scientific excellence.

We have knowledge of networks, routes of trade and collusion of criminals in fake items of your goods.

Our client base is growing and we have forged long term partnerships with a number of worldwide household brands. We have also worked a number of times with the BBC on their ‘Fake Britain’ program.

Please get in touch if you have any queries about the services that we can offer and tailor to your business.

Forensic Family Limited provides Computer, Mobile Phone, CCTV, Data Holding Devices and Satellite Navigation forensic examination and analysis.

We conduct work for both Public and Private companies and work regularly for Enforcement Agencies across the UK.

We offer one of the quickest, cost efficient and detailed results in the industry.

Forensic Family Limited employs a number of full-time, in-house, Forensic Examiners versed in the latest computer and mobile forensic advances. Further we have designated Forensic Technicians to give specialist support to these professionals.

We use the latest Court Accredited software and continually invest in both hardware and software as well as continued specialist training.

We are friendly and approachable and are always willing to go the extra mile, attending raids and carrying out services on site where required and conducting face to face case conferences both 'Pre' and 'Post' raid to aid in a successful outcome.

We have many years of experience in the Intellectual Property field and are skilled in all areas of Enforcement and prosecutions both Civil and Criminal.

Please get in touch for a competitive quote or if you need any further information.